Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blabitty Bla

Random Findings From The Week in Sports And Music And….

• I detest Adam Morrison. Can someone please tell me why it’s cool to cry after a sporting event? Win or lose. He’s getting promotional packages and they even let him keep his little mustache. Is this the role model we want for the youth? A gangly trash talking white kid from Washington State who cries and, apparently, wants to make the rest of the NBA cry.

• Jim Callis of Baseball America found a hilarious misquote by the LA Times. It is about number one baseball draft pick Luke Hochevar, whose super agent is the infamous Scott Boras. It reads: "Scott had a plan in this, and his master plan definitely worked. It was tough through it—you go through it and you fight it—but when it all comes down to it, Scott has a plan for you, and he definitely worked a miracle in my case." Now, replace Scott with the word God and this was what Hochevar actually said. But remember readers—when times are tough, Scott Boras has a plan for you…

• I guess I was slightly amiss when I said a month ago that the Reds and Rockies weren’t for real and would fall from their perches high in the mountains. Though their records have substantially decreased, the Reds are two games out of first place in a weak central and half a game behind the wild card, while the Rockies are tied for first in the West. Nevertheless, I will predict once again, that neither of these teams will make it into the playoffs. HAHAHA—silly Reds fans…

• Congratulations Feddy Sanchez. I have no real good reason for liking Sanchez, except that he came to a couple of my college practices. He prophetically promised that our college would win more than five games—we won three that year. Sanchez was a journeyman minor leaguer at the time, yet now he’s an All–Star: currently batting .358 with a .521 slugging percentage.

• Italy V. France in the World Cup. Being Italian, I have to root for Italy. But after living with real Italians (in Italy) for some time last year, I almost feel obligated to root for their arch-nemesis—France. I’ll ultimately cheer for the overtly dramatic Italians with “fab” hairdos, but I believe France will win. Thierry Henry is too much.

• This isn’t a music site, but why the fuck not? I saw the Futureheads on Friday and last night, saw the Rakes. The Futureheads had a solid act, but I can’t stand when rock bands, including “angular” bands, try to do things like sing a capella back and forth to each other. It was strange and awkward. The Rakes on the other hand, had an Andy Dick look-a-like as their lead singer, except he was talented. The Rakes just started their tour (last night was their first stop), and if they come through your city I highly advise you give them a gander.

I’m out to Chicago for the weekend, but I'll be back Monday to start All-Star coverage.


Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I hate you for all your reds bashing. Damn you Colacicco. I think the Futureheads are good live. They kick the crap out of Bloc Party in terms of angular post-punk post Franz Ferdinand live shows. Though I think the Bloc Party first album is prolly better. I will try to check out those Rakes.

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